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Google plans music downloads 'with a twist'

The tentacular octopus that is Google is planning to launch a music-download service to go with its cloud-based music 'locker'.

The company's all-things-Android, Andy Rubin told the All Things Digital conference in Hong Kong that things were moving along nicely on the music front, after previous reported difficulties in getting the record labels onside.

“I think we’re close”, Rubin said - not going into too much detail but keeping tongues wagging with the suggestion that Google's offering “will have a little twist. It will have a little Google in it," Rupin spun. "It won’t just be selling 99 cent tracks."

Rubin painted a picture of a Google in transition. “Google is in the very very early phases of adding consumer products to our portfolio,” he said. “The media industry didn’t see us as that. They saw us a search company.”

Google, of course sees itself as an 'everything' company. It just remains to be seen what emerges as the internet search king sits down with the record labels, who maintain that a good proportion of Google's searches point at their copyrighted product. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.