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iPhone 4S Adversary Unveiled: Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Powered by Android Ice Cream Sandwich

In a joint event this morning Samsung and Google launched what is expected to be a powerful challenger to the iPhone 4S: the Samsung Galaxy Nexus which is the first to run on Google's highly anticipated Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS.

The new high-end smartphone hits the market with high tech features like face recognition security, near field communication technology, and also has impressive hardware specs such as a 4.65 inch super AMOLED HD screen, a 1.2 gigahertz dual core processor, 1GB RAM and 4G LTE/HSPA+ connectivity.

The Galaxy Nexus lacks any buttons and the control is entirely via touch screen. So far, "Face Unlock" seems to be the feature most likely to appeal to users. With the integration of face recognition technology, the smartphone recognises its owner and denies access to unauthorised users.

Android Beam, the NFC based feature, integrates Google Wallet in the new smartphone. Besides electronic payments, users can share contacts or content between two Android devices just by tapping them together.

Webpages, maps, and even apps are now more conveniently shared. It also becomes easier to give directions to visiting friends and guests. Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy Nexus also provide users with a Dictation feature with improved voice-to-text technology; this however, doesn't come close to Siri.

The handset will be available in November in the UK, with phones4u offering it for free with a £46 per month contract; others to follow.

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