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Lookout Unveils Security App for iOS Devices

Mobile security company Lookout, which already provides an app for Android, has dished out its first application for Apple's iPhone platform.

The app, which is available from the Apple App Store, unlike the Android version, does not come with a malware detection and removal system. The company believes that iOS does not need protection from malware as there are virtually no viruses for the platform.

The company's Android security app has become a huge hit on the Android Market, offering malware scanning, detection and removal features for the platform.

The new Lookout Mobile Security for iPhone comes with three basic functions, System Administration & Security, Back-up and device finder. The system advisor function on the app informs users about applications which can put their privacy at risk. It will also inform users when they are connected to an unsecured Wi-Fi network and control how their location data is collected or used by apps. The missing device feature will let users see the location of their device and make it ring even if the iPhone is on silent.

"Lookout unites complete security and privacy protection in a simple yet powerful app. Whether you're concerned about a network connection, wondering about the security of the software on your phone, or have suddenly lost track of your iPhone, Lookout has you covered. You can always rely on Lookout to protect your phone and your personal information," the company said in a blog post.