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Oracle to Acquire Endeca; Plans to Integrate Endeca Products into Current Product Lines

Oracle has moved to acquire unstructured data and business intelligence company Endeca.

The company, which failed the financial details of the acquisition, revealed that it plans to integrate Endeca’s offerings into its own product lines, giving it an entry into the unstructured data software market.

Endeca has three main offerings, Endeca MDEX, which deals with unstructured data, Endeca InFront, which is an e-commerce platform and Endeca Latitude, which deals with business analytics.

Oracle plans to integrate Endeca InFront with its own Oracle ATG Commerce, which will enhance cross-channel e-commerce. The company also said the Endeca Latitude will be fused with the Oracle Business Intelligence platform for business intelligence and analytics.

“Together, we will provide best-in-class technology to manage structured and unstructured data together; business intelligence tools to analyse structured and unstructured data together; and a broad suite of packaged applications which extends the value of unstructured data into ERP, Supply Chain, CRM, EPM, Web Commerce, and specialised applications,” said Executive Vice President, Oracle Development, Thomas Kurian.

“This technology will also allow us to integrate more comprehensive unstructured data management into Oracle’s engineered systems,” he added.

The company said it expected the acquisition to close before the end of 2011.