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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Suggested Price : £515

Online retailer Clove Technology has been the first one to provide a stock and, more importantly, a price update for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and we have to say that we're happy with the pricing unlike its predecessor, the Nexus S.

The Galaxy Nexus is listed at £514.80 on Clove Technology's website with the first units expected to come "early November", and we're pretty sure that the average selling price of the handset will be hovering around £499, roughly the same as the Apple iPhone 4GS.

The phone, which is the first one to come with Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, is a cross between a Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Samsung Galaxy S2 HD. It has a big screen (4.65-inch, 1280x720 pixels), 16GB onboard storage and a nifty feature called Android Beam which helps NFC-enabled handsets communicate.

The rest of the hardware is resolutely mainstream. A dual core SoC just like the Samsung Galaxy SII, 1GB RAM, NFC, a five megapixel camera (like the first Samsung Galaxy S) and a front facing camera.

Even at £515, it would be a good deal, given that it will be the first HD ready smartphone on the market ahead of the Galaxy SII HD.