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Samsung Galaxy SII Wins in Drop Test against iPhone 4S

Well, there is no need to smash your shiny new smartphone against the wall just to satisfy your curiosity - somebody else has done it so you won't have to!

Ubergizmo revealed (opens in new tab) today its conclusions from a drop test for the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy SII. The demonstration video shows the experiment team dropping the top of the line smartphones three times onto a hard pavement, which is rather heart breaking, but if Siri didn't object...

The word "afraid" was included somewhere in Siri's answer and, in the end, she proved to be a know-it-all of artificial intelligence.

Each smartphone had three falls: one from the waist, another from the shoulder and the last one was face down. After the first drop, the iPhone 4S showed some "bruising" on the back, while the front seemed untouched. Another iPhone 4S took a lucky fall from shoulder height and came out ok.

The last drop from the chest, face down, was indeed shattering. The Gorilla Glass display was completely broken.

The Galaxy SII took the all three falls with much more dignity, and in the end Samsung's smartphone exhibited hardly noticeable damage.

In conclusion, Apple Care+, provided for iPhone 4S could be a good thing to consider.

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