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Tidemark Unveils Cloud Based Enterprise Performance Management

Proferi is no longer in its stealth mode -- it has made its way straight into the enterprise market in a whole new avatar, named Tidemark.

Experts are of the opinion that, the new platform indeed holds the potential to provide customers what they usually expect from a cloud based enterprise performance management system.

In addition, Tidemark will also be available for mobile users as a standalone application. The company claims that the Tidemark Enterprise Performance Management Platform will be facilitating real time analytics to organisations, and it all will come along with a flexible mode of operation too.

Flexible in the sense -- the platform can be used by business users through their iPad and smartphone too, which obviously makes a lot of sense in today's fast moving world. The primary objective of the new offering is to fulfil the requirements of all business users, and not just that of users within the financial wing in an organisation.

"With today's volatility - with the market up and down 3 percent in the last month, companies need a faster way to make forecasts," Christian Gheorghe, co-founder and CEO of Tidemark explained, according to this GigaOm report.