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£15.83 Logitech Compact K300 USB Keyboard, Buy One, Get Two Free

Logitech Compact Keyboard, the K300, comes with backlit media controls allowing you to control your media in a smart way.

The media controls that blend in seamlessly with the keyboard allow you to quickly and easily access music, video and e-mail. The number pad enables easy and efficient data entry.

The K300 doesn't really need any elaborate steps to be followed as it is merely a plug and play setup and the keyboard would be ready to use. The USB connectivity makes this keyboard compatible with any computer system that has a USB port.

The keyboard boasts of a flat design with low-profile keys that allow you to shift your wrists towards a more neutral position making sure that you don't suffer from stress effects of being on the computer for long hours.

Logitech is offering 2 keyboards free with the purchase of a single keyboard thus giving you an absolute bargain. Compatibility with basically all windows based operating system and other major operating systems out there making it an ideal keyboard and the 3-year limited warranty gives you some peace of mind if in case there is some fault.

The Logitech Compact Keyboard K300 USB Keyboard, Buy One, Get Two Free is available from Misco for £15.83.