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ARM Cortex A7 MPCore: Two More Years To Go

Some people will consider the Cortex-A7 as the best thing since sliced bread, but when you think about it the first products based on that part will come out at earliest in 2013 and possibly in 2014.

That's a very long way from now and, in the meantime, ARM partners will need to see to it that the first products based on the Cortex-A5, the predecessor of the A7, which was supposed to bring performance of top-end smartphones from 2009 to sub $100 smartphones in 2011, are actually delivered (it was launched almost two years ago).

These will arrive by the end of the year, we've been told, although no one has yet gone public with A5-based SoCs.

The A7 is a pretty intriguing bit of technology. According to ARM's figures, a Cortex-A7 will match a Cortex-A8 at equal clock frequency while sipping a fifth of the power and occupying a fifth of the die area, which means that two of them should pack quite a punch.

And now, we have been told that there's no reason why the Cortex-A7 and Cortex-15 won't be able to work simultaneously, rather than asynchronously as was showcased in the demo.

It would mean that ARM semiconductor partners would be able to use the spare capacity in a third scenario, one where a task may require more oomph than even a pair of Cortex-A15 may require.

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