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Asus teases Transformer 2 tablet, November launch

If you're in the market for an Android tablet, you may want to hold off for a little while: Asus chairman Jonney Shih has confirmed that the Transformer 2 will be announced on the 9th of November.

Building on the success of its original Transformer half-tablet half-netbook design, Shih showed the crowd at the AsiaD conference an early production unit featuring the same spun-aluminium design of the company's new Ultrabook UX21 and UX31 laptops.

Although Shih wasn't keen to allow anyone a chance to play with the new device, he did confirm that it includes Nvidia's five-core Tegra 3 'Kal-El' processor and measures a scant 8.3mm when not docked to its keyboard unit.

As with the original Transformer, the new unit includes a clever keyboard dock which integrates additional connectivity, an island-style keyboard, touchpad and an extra battery which doubles the overall lifespan of the device.

Sadly, Shih didn't confirm whether the device will feature Android 4.0 'Ice-Cream Sandwich' at launch, suggesting that the Transformer 2 will launch with Android 3.2 'Honeycomb' and receive an update later in the year.

Shih's brief teaser was also somewhat light on pricing or availability information, although he did refer to an event on the 9th of November in which the Transformer 2 will get a more formal unveiling.

Shih also covered the Padphone, a hybrid smartphone and tablet device originally unveiled at Computex earlier this year but thus far absent from his company's release schedule. Shih claimed the device is still on track, and will be launched early next year with Ice Cream Sandwich under the bonnet.

To further convince consumers to hang fire on a purchase for the Transformer 2 to arrive, the company has released a brief - but terribly dramatic - 22 second video, reproduced below. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.