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Backupify Introduces 'Backupify Snapshot' for Safer Data Storage and Cloud Computing

Backupify, a leading name in data protection and management service industry, has unwrapped its latest offering Backupify Snapshot.

The Backupify Snapshot, according to the company, is a simple, yet powerful tool, aimed at assisting IT administrators to extract, as well as download complete Google Apps account used by any user within their domain.The new offering will enable IT administrators to efficiently control all the data in their organisation whenever an employee leaves by archiving the data locally.

This, in turn, provides them with a neat platform where they can efficiently implement data management for the required Google Apps. Snapshot has the ability to compress any Google Apps account data into a standard ZIP file which can be downloaded easily to local machines.

According to the company, this will spare businesses from data loss risk."Backupify allows companies to move to the cloud with confidence by giving them more control over their valuable business data in the cloud," said the company’s CEO and Co-Founder, Rob May in a statement (opens in new tab).

"Snapshot is essentially a data liberation tool that enables users to have unlimited and unconstrained access to their valuable business data by downloading that data locally,” he added.