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Google, Oracle US Legal Battle Concerning Java on Hold Until Further Notice

The judge in charge of settling the legal battle between Google and Oracle over the disputed use of Java in the Android OS platform, has issued a stay, resulting in further delay in the high-profile trial.

The judge has not provided a new date for the trial either. According to a report by Venture Beat, the judge was compelled to delay the hearing because of his busy schedule. T

he hearing was originally supposed to start on October 31st. The Venture Beat report cites sources with direct knowledge regarding the proceedings on the matter. Amidst growing fear that the very fate of the Android operating system could be at stake because of the lawsuit filed by Oracle, a “Google Source” reportedly told Venture Beat that there is no chance at all of happening anything of that sort.

“Absolutely not. There’s no indication that Android is under threat,” he said. “From a consumer standpoint, consumers should not be concerned about losing their Android phone. But they should be concerned with the way in which Oracle is taking a platform they supported for years [the Java programming language] and is now trying to capitalize on our success.”