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IBM Increases Portfolio with 55 Upgraded Server and Storage Technologies

IBM has unveiled the largest update to its system portfolio for the running year with the introduction of 55 brand new as well as upgraded server and storage technologies.

According to the company, the update has been primarily aimed at assisting its clients to extract “actionable insights from data, increase IT capacity and deliver new services faster”-- something that IBM thinks will help them to exploit profitable business opportunities in a much better way.

This new and enhanced set of offerings brings along with it automated tools for improving on compliance and security standards, budget business analytics systems, as well as starter suites for coming up with private clouds.

“As the world's increasing demand for data and services puts a strain on IT resources, organisations become trapped in a vicious cycle in which a rigid IT infrastructure and lack of trusted data leads to reactive or risky decision making,” explained the company in a press-release.

“Attempts to overcome these challenges through additional IT investments often result in a more sprawling and costly infrastructure,” it added.