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Intel CEO Questions HP Business Operations

Dell and Hewlett-Packard -- two tech giants from the US are all set to enter the Ultrabook market next year, revealed the CEO of Intel Corp. in an interview for the Fox Morning Show.

Paul Otellini, Intel CEO, made the disclosure while speaking to Liz Claman of Fox Business Network. During the same conversation, Otellini (opens in new tab)also said he was “stunned” to hear the remark made by former CEO of HP, Lep Apotheker, about shutting down the company’s PC business.

He further stated all major companies, sooner or later, eventually enter the Ultrabook market. Ultrabooks are ultrathin Windows laptops offering tough resistance to the massive popularity of Apple’s MacBook Air.

"Print and ink is such as an important part of HP. And over time, all of us are printing less stuff. More and more people are [using] digital images," said Otellini, as reported (opens in new tab)by CNet.

"So, to leave digital consumer electronics would, to me, be a very strange decision to make. When your whole business model is tied up in imaging," he added.

The Intel CEO also said that he was going to meet his counterpart at HP, Meg Whitman later in the week.