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iTunes Match Option in iOS 5 Devices Instigate Launch Speculations

Several iPhone iOS 5 users are reporting the appearance of the iTunes Match option on the Music section of their settings.

According to Apple Insider, the setting for iTunes Match has been available to developers for a long time but it is only now that it has started to appear on devices belonging to the general public.

At first, devices running iOS 5 had no mention of iTunes Match anywhere, but now an option has started to appear in the settings page in the music section, which indicates that the launch of the service is imminent.

The iTunes Match service, which is most likely to be launched with iTunes 10.5.1, which is still in beta, will allow users to sync their entire music collection with iTunes on the cloud and listen and download them on any device they want.

The service, which will come with a $25 yearly subscription fee, works by scanning users' music library and matching the songs in their collection with the massive iTunes music library. The songs, whether they have been purchased via iTunes or not, if are found in the library, will be automatically synced with the iTunes user library on the cloud. The songs which are not available on iTunes, which is highly unlikely, will be automatically uploaded.