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Microsoft Explains Windows 8 Search Feature

Redmond based software behemoth Microsoft Corp. has issued a detailed explanation of how the desktop function is going to work on the company's forthcoming operating system platform Windows 8.

Brian Uphoff, the program manager of the company's Search, View and Command User Experience Team wrote on a blog post on Tuesday, disclosing how the native desktop search functionality is going to operate in the new Metro user interface to be featured by Windows 8. The search function would allow users to search apps, settings, files, music, etc.

Users of the Windows 7 operating system would be aware of the search functionality which was available right from the Start Menu. However, it's not going to be like that in the Windows 8. In fact, Windows 8, as it seems, won't feature any start menu at all -- and even if does, it won't be anything like what we have seen in the previous versions of the OS platform.

"When planning Windows 8, we wanted to make sure the efficiency and dexterity of the Windows 7 Start menu search was carried forward into the new Start screen," read a blog post by Steven Sinofsky.