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Microsoft Tests Out 'Holodesk'; 3-D Graphics Interaction Technology

On Thursday, Microsoft introduced a new project aimed at enabling users to interact with 3D holographic images.

Dubbed Holodesk, this new project has been looked after by the Sensors and Devices wing of Microsoft Research Cambridge. The company claims, Holodesk will allow users to interact with 3D holographic images using nothing but their bare hands.

The system, according to Microsoft, utilises an interactive system that integrates an optical see- through display with the company’s Kinect camera to come up with an illusion that makes the user feel as if he or she is directly interacting with 3-D graphics.

“A virtual image of a 3D scene is rendered through a half silvered mirror and spatially aligned with the real-world for the viewer,” explained Microsoft, according to a Geeky-Gadgets report.

“A real-time algorithm for representing hands and other physical objects, which are sensed by the Kinect inside this volume, allows physically realistic interaction between real and virtual 3D objects,” added the company.

As of now, the project has been seen as a mere research work by the company - chances are thin that it will hit the market any time soon.