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Number of Friends on Facebook Linked with Brain Size

In what could be termed as a rather bizarre theory, a group of researchers have established a connection between the number of persons a Facebook user has in his ‘Friend List' and the sizes of certain areas in their brain.

According to the researchers, the four areas in the human brain, which have a direct link to the size of a user's Facebook friends list, are the ones that involve his or her memory, social interaction as well as emotional response.

It is yet to be known whether having more friends in Facebook makes certain areas of one's brain larger or it is the other way around. The researchers hail from the University College London (UCL)."The exciting question now is whether these structures change over time -- this will help us answer the question of whether the Internet is changing our brains," Ryota Kanai , one of the researchers involved in the study said, according to a Reuters report.

"Online social networks are massively influential, yet we understand very little about the impact they have on our brains. This has led to a lot of unsupported speculation the Internet is somehow bad for us," Geraint Rees of UCL expressed his views on the research and its findings.