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Photos of Nokia 800 Windows Phone Leaked

The press release photos for the Nokia 800 Windows Phone 7.5 Mango powered device have been leaked online.

Nokia has repeatedly claimed that it plans to release the first of the Windows Phone Mango devices by the end of this year. According to Steve Ballmer, Nokia is expected to unveil a range of Mango powered smartphones at the Nokia World conference next week.

The leaked images show the Nokia 800, which was earlier known by its code name Sea Ray. The device looks pretty much like the Meego powered N9 device which was released in a limited number of markets. Meego was a mobile operating system Nokia was developing in partnership with Intel.

Nokia scrapped its Meego and Symbian plans and struck a multi-billion dollar deal with Microsoft, which needed an established player in the mobile phone market to champion the cause of Windows Phone 7.

The Nokia 800 comes with a 3.7 inch touch screen without any physical buttons and is one of the three Windows Phone 7.5 devices Nokia is expected to announce next week at Nokia World, Slash Gear reports. The other two Nokia Mango devices are code-named Sabre and the Ace, which will come with large 4.3 inch touch screen.