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Samsung Ships 20 Million Smartphones in Q4; Apple Behind with 17.1 Million Shipped

Samsung has shipped over 20 million smartphones in the final quarter of the fiscal year, thus surpassing rival Apple - which lagged far behind the Galaxy maker with just over 17.1 million units of the iPhone being shipped during the same quarter.

Samsung happens to be the second largest cell phone maker in the world, trailing only Nokia who continues retain the top spot despite having a rather poor standing in the global smartphone market.

According to industry experts, the steady growth in the sales of Samsung smartphones was primarily driven by Google’s Android platform which powers an overwhelming majority of the company’s smartphone products. Meanwhile, the company has partnered with Microsoft to make its presence felt in the Windows Phone ecosystem as well.

In addition, the company is currently also planning to unveil more products running on its proprietary operating system. Samsung's performance throughout the running fiscal has been rather impressive. It shipped about 12 million smartphones in the first quarter alone, followed by an over 19 million units shipped during the second quarter.