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Smaller US Carriers Get iPhone 4S, T-Mobile Left Out

For the first time, Apple has chosen to partner with regional carriers to expand the iPhone's availability to customers, Apple Insider (opens in new tab) reports.

C Spire, a CDMA carrier with about 900,000 subscribers from Mississippi, Memphis, the Florida Panhandle, and parts of Alabama and Georgia announced on the company website that Apple's new handset would be available soon.

"We want the iPhone to be in as many customers' hands as possible because we think it's the greatest phone by far," Tim Cook, Apple CEO, explained recently during the quarterly conference call, hinting that other smaller carriers might follow C Spire.

C Spire is the fourth US carrier to include iPhone 4S in its offering to subscribers, even though it's not in the major league. T-Mobile one of the biggest US wireless carriers, with its 33.73 million subscribers, was overlooked, when Apple was lining up partners for the iPhone 4S deal.

One of the reasons was the uncommon data bands T-Mobile operates on (1700MHz and 2100MHz), which are not supported by Apple's smartphone. "Users who operate an unlocked iPhone on T-Mobile's network are restricted to much slower 'EDGE' speeds," Apple Insider points out.

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