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Virtual Assistant Siri, Featured on iPhone 4S, Does Not Understand Spanish

It may come as a shock, but Apple’s Siri voice activated virtual assistant, which comes with the iOS 5 powered iPhone 4S, does not support Spanish, a language spoken by 35 million Americans.

According to an article (opens in new tab)on PC Mag, the Siri voice assistant feature comes with support for American English, French, UK English and German, but to utilise the full potential of the technology, users would have to speak American English and have to physically be in the United States.

People giving orders to Siri in any other language or even the ones currently supported by the feature are having problems with the service if they don’t speak American English.

Apple has said that the feature is still in beta and plans to introduce more functionality and add new languages in 2012. Ignoring Spanish speakers in the United States seems to have been a massive mistake.PC Mag cites official numbers to reveal that 35 million people or 12 percent of the American population speaks Spanish at home.

Research has shown that people are more comfortable resorting to their native tongue when they troubleshooting a problem or dealing with technology. So why Apple decided to ignore a large part of American population is beyond comprehension.