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£124.99 DGM ETV-2272WH 22" Ultra Thin FULL HD 1080p LED TV with USB PVR

Are you looking for a small to medium sized LED TV that would fit in your study, bed room, kitchen? Well, you might give DGM 22in Ultra Thin FULL HD 1080p LED TV a look as it brings with it more or less all the features you would need that would suffice your entertainment needs.

One of the best feature of the TV would be the built-in PVR and USB Input that would allow you to Pause, Rewind and Record live TV and even playback your favourite movies, TV shows, and photos without needing any extra set of equipment.

The 22in LED TV provides you with 1920 x 1080p resolution and razor sharp, crisp and clear images. The USB PVR allows you to access digital content that is stored on your USB storage. The HDMI port allows you to connect all your latest gadgets like Blu-ray players, gaming consoles.

In case you are looking for an extension to your existing desktop or laptop display the VGA/PC port allows you to do just that. The SCART interface offers RGB, AV signals with audio input/output between the TV and external video equipment.

The YPbBr Connects to the DVD player, Digital Set-Top-Box, or other AV equipment with component (YPbPr) video.

The DGM ETV-2272WH 22" Ultra Thin FULL HD 1080p LED TV with USB PVR is available from eBay for £124.99.