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Android Competes with Apple in Tablet Computer Market

It was recently revealed that in the last sales quarter Android powered tablet computers rose so much that it cost some business for Apple. The launch of new models by companies like Samsung, which run on Google’s Android software, is the reason behind the rise in sales of Android tablets.

During a three-month period, Android tablets accounted for 27 percent of sales worldwide which was 2.3 percent a year ago, as disclosed the Strategy Analytics. Whereas the share of Apple iPad fell from 97 percent to 67 percent.

Android is currently the most popular mobile operating system that companies like Samsung and Acer are relying on to prevent the domination of Apple in the tablet market. Strategy Analytics also said, that after Amazon launches their product, competition between Android and iPad might just intensify.

Director of the research company, Neil Mawston, said, “Amazon’s strategy of minimising its hardware price is set to ignite the entry-level tablet segment and attract more mass-market consumers,” as reportedin Bloomberg News. Google unveiled its latest Android version Ice Cream Sandwich to keep up with Apple. It is operational on both phones and tablets.