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Apple iPhone to Receive Satellite Data from American GPS and Russian Component GLONASS

The GPS system in the latest variant of the Apple iPhone will be fed with data from both the American GPS, as well as the Russian equivalent, GLONASS, according to new reports.

With this, the iPhone maker has become the first cell phone manufacturer outside Russia to have included GLONASS capability in their arsenal. Russian media has also confirmed reports that the iPhone 4S will, indeed, enjoy support from the country’s GLONASS technology.

According to industry experts, the combined capability of both navigation systems will boost the location finding technology in the the iPhone 4S, meaning users will be fed with more reliable and accurate data. Reports are that GLONASS will be able to achieve its objective to cover 100 percent of the globe within a few months.

“GLONASS/GPS twin system receivers will capture data from twice as many satellites and will, therefore, provide more accurate and fail-proof precision location, especially in cities or mountains, where terrain may block signals from some satellites,” said the head of the NPO-PM, Nikolai Testoyedov - the manufacturer of GLONASS satellites, in a statement, as reported by (opens in new tab)The Hindu.