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Colt to Launch Cloud Computing Service for European-Based Companies Using VMWare's vCloud

Colt announced that it is soon going to launch its public cloud services based on VMware’s vCloud, aimed at the company’s customers in mainland Europe.

Developed for Europe at the desire of users who want a non-US-based provider of cloud services (CSPs), this service will also satisfy concerns of customers as to where their data is located.

The company is also planing to roll out the service in France and Germany sometime next year. The principal cloud specialist for Colt, Steve Hughes, said that there are many companies in Europe who are concerned about where their data is stored and insist that the data should be held within the boundaries of its nation origin.

Due to German regulations, data storage is a huge concern for German customers. Thus, they want their data inside their territory sooner rather than later.

The recent admission by several US CSPs that they would not mind passing the details of their European customers to US authorities under the US Patriot Act has further complicated the situation for companies in Europe, so the need for an independent cloud service is at the utmost importance.