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Danish Study Finds No Evidence that Mobile Phones Increase Risk of Brain Cancer

In what could be deemed much needed relief for health conscious people all over the world, a group of researchers in Denmark claims they have successfully established that mobile phones do not heighten the risk of brain cancer.

The research, according to the group, involved an extensive study of over 350,000 individuals. Study results have been posted on the British Medical Journal website. However, it is also important to note that this is not the only study to reach this conclusion.

"This paper supports most other reports which do not find any detrimental effects of phone use under normal exposures," said Malcolm Sperrin, a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine, and director of Medical Physics at Britain's Royal Berkshire Hospital, in a statement, according to a report by

Earlier this year, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, which happens to be a wing of the World Health Organization, classified the use of cellphones as "possibly carcinogenic to humans."