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Digital Personal Assistant, Siri, the Focus of Apple iPhone 4S TV Ad in US

TV ads for Apple’s iPhone 4S focus primarily on Siri, which is a digital personal assistant program included on the phone.

The 30-second ad demonstrates various uses of Siri - a voice recognition system used to locate local retailers and other businesses, adjust calendar entries and check weather reports; all can be done by natural commands.

During its launch earlier this month, Apple made it clear that Siri, besides recognising preset phrases, is also capable of identifying natural speech. This point was the focus time and again during the 30-second ad.

As the functionality of the Siri is currently limited within the U.S. it is most likely the ad will be played in the U.S only. Currently, features like mapping integration and voice-guided search for local information are not supported in a number of countries where the iPhone 4S available.

Apple, however, has assured that by next year, these services will be available in additional countries. Siri is facing a lot of criticism by security experts who are objective about the access to Siri even when locking the iPhone.