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Duracell portable USB charger arrives for mobile phones with a 5 hour battery life

Popular maker of batteries Duracell has now released a new charger for mobile phones, which offers up to five hours of battery life and for just under £40.

The Duracell Portable USB Charger 1800mAh adds to the existing range of charging devices, with the 1150mAh version that was also known as the 'portable 3-hour smartphone charger', which offered less powering abilities.

This device now provides enhanced mobile charging in a compact design, for multiple devices and on the move to deliver extra power anywhere.

Duracell portable USB charger can drive up to two devices, from a Micro-USB cable with an included Micro-to-Mini adapter to enable up to five hours of extra talktime for smartphones.

The previous 1150mAh charger could only muster three hours of charging time, along with supporting both micro USB and mini USB devices too.

It’s very rare to find a mobile phone with a 1800mAh battery, where it is only really found in extended battery packs for the likes of the iPhone or for a non-unibody handset – such as the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Duracell Portable USB Charger 1800mAh is now available to buy for £39.99.

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