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Facebook May Face Fines in Ireland for Storing User's Personal Data

Facebook could face a hefty fine of €100,000 or more by a data protection watchdog in Ireland for allegedly retaining personal data that users had deleted. It all started when Max Schrems, a law student from Austria, requested the 1,200 pages of personal data Facebook was storing about him on its servers.

To his surprise, the law student discovered that the massively popular social media site was still retaining some of the personal information which he had already deleted, according to a report by The Guardian. After going through all the data, Schrems decided to lodge a complaint against the company with the Irish data protection commissioner. It is important to note here that the European headquarters of Facebook is located in Ireland.

"I discovered Facebook had kept highly personal messages I had written and then deleted, which, were they to become public, could be highly damaging to my reputation," said Schrems in a statement, as reported by the Inquirer.

“Information is power, and information about people is power over people. It's frightening that all this data is being held by Facebook,” the complainant added.