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Google Launches Film Rentals for Android

For Android powered phone and tablet users, a new film rental service has been launched by Google. Now users in the UK will be able to rent films directly from the Android market. The starting price of this service is £2.49. There is a similar service already operating in America.

After its launch in the UK, users will be able to choose from approximately 1,000 titles. Google entered into competition with Apple and Amazon when they recently launched an eBook store in the UK and also a film rental facility via the video site YouTube.

Sony also recently introduced the Entertainment Network which offers access to almost 7 million songs, films either to buy or for rent. To watch films, Android users must install the Video app on their device. For the first 30 days, users can watch movie(s) anytime, which is valid for the majority of the titles. Once the movie begins, it will be available for the next 48 hours to watch. Films may be rented via the web at

Competition between companies to get users to rent and download movies and other media is becoming fierce. For users, having options allows for a greater selection of movies and low rental prices.