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Google Reader Overhaul Likely Next Week

As expected, Google finally declared last week that it is ending Google Buzz. This announcement caused some anxiety to the Google Reader users. Apparently, the move by the search giant gave many Google Reader users the impression that the company was going to kill the Reader too.

In an official post on the Google Reader Blog few important things related to the Google Reader has been disclosed by the search engine giant.

The blog says that on popular demand few changes will be made on the Google Reader next week. First they will introduce a new design and also will bring Reader and Google+ closer so that the user can share their feeds with the right circles.

These changes will require few modifications in the Google Reader. Thus, the Reader's social features will be made available via Google+ in near future. Google is expecting that these changes will produce results which will be better than what is available now.

For those users who might feel left out, Google will extend Reader's subscription export features and include Subscriptions, Your Shared Items, Your Friends, Your Likes and Your Starred Items features.