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Google TV Honeycomb Update Soon to Be Released

In the next few weeks, the Google TV Honeycomb update will be finally made available after a prolonged wait.

Even though complete confirmation is not available, a screenshot has been spotted which proves that even though it is late - it is there. The screenshot shows the Google TV 2.0 will have an interface similar to the Android operating system for mobile phones. Thus, it can be expected that this similarity with Android mobile devices will help users understand and feel connected to the changes.

“The UI of Google TV 2.0 is definitely more streamlined and screams shades of Ice Cream Sandwich (even though the firmware is technically Android 3.1),” notes Chris Chavez of the tech site Phandroid.

Despite being what could be termed as a massive setback for the company’s goal to repeat its success in the Internet TV domain, the Google TV 2.0 indeed holds some potential to get the desired response. This is an exciting time for fans of Internet TV and of Android products in general. While the screenshot is only the first glimpse of things to come, this new product should be impressive.