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HP's strategy boss Shane Robison retires

Troubled tech giant HP - which is currently trying to make its mind up as to what to do with its Personal Systems Group responsible for consumer desktops and laptops - is due to be a man down, as chief strategy and technology officer Shane Robison announces his retirement.

Robison, who joined HP eleven years ago, is the man largely responsible for shaping the company into what it is today. Sadly, with the company looking to move semi-exclusively to enterprise-level hardware and software, his expertise appears to be surplus to requirements.

"Shane has been a powerful innovator for our business groups and other corporate divisions," claimed HP president Meg Whitman in a statement to press. "His passion for research and development has ensured that innovation continues at HP."

While Robison's departure is somewhat sudden, there's a bigger story hiding behind HP's announcement: he's not being replaced.

Described as "an effort to drive strategy, research and development closer to the company's businesses," HP confirmed that it would not be seeking someone else to fill Robison's role of chief strategy and technology officer following his departure on the 1st of November.

With HP seemingly floundering through lack of a coherent strategy - the company has yet to make a firm decision on whether to keep, spin off, or sell its Personal Systems Group, and its webOS arm continues to haemorrhage money at an impressive rate thanks to discounted TouchPads and Pre 3 smartphones - that's an interesting decision to make.

HP's share price dipped on the announcement, but rallied towards the end of trading for an overall 0.96 per cent loss. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.