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IBM Optimistic about Cloud Growth in Midmarket

General Manager at IBM predicted that small sized and midsized companies will be able to deploy faster cloud services rather than their larger counterparts.

The prediction was made at a company event held this Tuesday. This has made IBM to pursue this market aggressively. Thus, they are helping their partners in marketing IBM's PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) to the potential customers.

The GM of IBM global midmarket operations Andy Monshaw said, "The cloud is taking off in this space faster than with larger enterprises," PC World reports. He was speaking at the IBM New York office during IBM small business summit.

From last week IBM took an initiative under which the integrators and other partners of IBM got the rights to resell SmartCloud services of IBM under their own name. This is a part of that plan of IBM which focuses on marketing of services through their partners for the midmarket. The reason behind adopting this technique is that the partners are capable of understating the needs of individual customers in a better way rather than IBM itself said the general manager.

During the summit, IBM disclosed two businesses which were done in collaboration with its partners. The company also revealed that it was planning to move some IBM-operations to cloud.