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Ice Cream Sandwich’s Source Code Still Not Released to Developers

Developers from around the world haven't managed to get their hands onto the source code of Google's latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Google Inc. released its brand new version of the Android operating system earlier this week amidst massive anticipation amongst fan-boys and the developer community. The new version of the popular OS platform - Android 4.0, more commonly known as the Ice Cream Sandwich, brought along with it a number of upgrades, as well as new features, aimed at enhancing user experience, and to offer developers a better platform to come up with new and more sophisticated apps.

Google is showing no signs whatsoever till this date, of releasing the sourcecode for the Ice Cream Sandwich to the developer community. Jean-Baptiste Queru a key member of the Android engineering team refrained from making any disclosure, when asked whether or not the source code for the Android 4.0 is going to be released in the coming days.

"Like we did for all Honeycomb release, this is NOT the full source tree for IceCreamSandwich, these are only the GPL parts that are in the SDK (along with a few associated files), and they're not enough to build the whole IceCreamSandwich for a device," Queru wrote on an Android Building post.