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Jobs Intended to Thrash Android Through A Thermonuclear War

According to a recent revelation, Apple co-founder and ex-CEO Steve Jobs said he was "willing to go thermonuclear war" against arch rival Google Inc.'s Android operating software.

Apparently Mr. Jobs threatened to destroy Android as he believed the mobile OS platform from the Mountain View based search giant had many features in it which could be termed as "grand theft". Mr. Jobs also reportedly stated that he would go as far as spending "every penny of Apple's $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong," San Francisco Chronicles reports.

The revelation was made by a new biography on the legendary Apple-founder, written by Walter Isaacson. This 630-page biography features in it many previously unheard stories of Jobs' life - stories involving his romantic, as well as married life, his relationship with his sister as well as those involving many crucial business dealings.

"I am going to destroy Android, because it is a stolen product," Mr. Jobs threatened, according to the book which will go on sale next week, on Monday. The book also highlights how tension between the two companies reached new heights after Google stepped into the smartphone market with the launch of Android.