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Microsoft Rolling Out Major New Updates For Hotmail

Microsoft will roll out a number of updates and announcements for Hotmail that will make the service smarter, faster and more customisable according to a statement issued by the company.

On top of the company's list is what it calls "a war on graymail", which aims at giving users better control over their inboxes and could end up significantly reducing the number of "once subscribed, then forgotten" emails clogging inboxes.

Apart from the smart newsletter filtering option, which is similar to Gmail's own unsubscribe function, Microsoft will introduce a "categories and advanced folder management" solution which is not unlike Gmail's labels but is likely to work alongside the more traditional "tree of folders" approach.

Also on the list is scheduled cleanup which will eliminate old newsletters and what Microsoft calls, out of date offers, which unclutters your inbox by removing unread marketing emails. Another feature found on Gmail is the ability to automatically prioritise messages by pushing them to the top of the inbox.

Finally, the new Hotmail will see the rollout of instant actions which provides a dymanic list of options available when the mouse cursor hovers over an email.

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