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Noon News: Microsoft Project Roslyn, ZTE Warp, IBM Pushing Cloud to Midmarket, Hotmail Getting Updated

On Wednesday, Microsoft launched a community tech preview of the much anticipated Project Roslyn. Project Roslyn, which made its debut at the Microsoft Build Conference earlier in the year, is a new type of compiler, known to many as a unique compiler-as-a-service.

Bad times continue for Nokia as it announced its second net loss in a row -- an impact triggered by a 25 percent decline in sales during the fiscal year. Nokia, which happens to be the largest handset manufacturer in the world in terms of volume, posted a net loss of approximately €68 million for the third quarter after net sales dropped by 13 percent to €8.98 billion.

Microsoft will roll out a number of updates and announcements for Hotmail that will make the service smarter, faster and more customisable according to a statement issued by the company.

Boost Mobile is joining forces with the China based telecom equipment maker ZTE in order to dish out ZTE Warp with Boost ID and Boost Zone, both the companies confirmed. The ZTE Warp is one of the top-of-the range offering from the Chinese telecom giant.

General Manager at IBM predicted that small sized and midsized companies will be able to deploy faster cloud services rather than their larger counterparts. The prediction was made at a company event held this Tuesday. This has made IBM to pursue this market aggressively.