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Ofcom To Send Out ‘Three Strikes’ Letters to Battle Piracy

Ofcom has revealed that it will be sending out letters of notification to illegal file sharers during summer of 2013.

Ofcom outlined a "three strikes" web policy for file sharing clampdown almost a year ago which is yet to be implemented. An independent body drew some "obligations code" which has not yet been finalised and also as a result of some ongoing legal reviews the timescale might be hold back for the time being reveals Tech Radar.

This was stated by Campbell Cowie, the director of Internet policy at Ofcom. The plan proposed by Ofcom will have notification letters sent to the alleged file sharers, which will contain information regarding the allegations levied against them and also have directions on how the broadband network can be protected if there is suspicion that some third party is using the network to download contents which are illegal.

The ISPs will be keeping track of users who are suspects of piracy and also will show that they are able to match IP addresses adequate with the users' personal details. Ofcom is hoping to implement the mechanism irrespective of the fact that the government might sign off the plans. In early 2012 it is expected that ISPs will began to build the mechanisms and agree to an independent body of appeals.