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Rumoured Playstation 3 Jailbreaking Method 'JB2' May Be True

In a recent development, new reports have surfaced regarding the new PlayStation 3 jailbreaking methodology, popularly known as “JB2”.

The report (opens in new tab), first published by technology site Eurogamer, sheds light on rumours spread throughout Indonesia that by using a USB dongle, one can play bootleg copies of various PlayStation 3 games. When contacted, a representative from Sony said the company is currently investigating into the hack and did not comment any further.

The PlayStation maker, Sony, is quite experienced in dealing with issues related to security of its gaming console as well as corresponding networks. This year, in mid-Apri, hackers ruled the Sony PlayStation Network for six weeks angering players while proving Sony’s incompetency to address the issue immediately. It is feared that hackers stole about 10 million credit card numbers and other user information during this attack.

JB2 is basically a USB drive dongle which can be connected to the PlayStaion 3. The process that the JB 2 follows is very simple -- upon rebooting the console, the dongle replaces the developer device. Then, it goes on inserting the jailbreaker’s code into the PS3. Once done with the process, the user can instantly play even unauthorised games on the console.