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Security Concerns Delay Google Apps Rollout in Los Angeles

Internet search giant Google Inc. has reportedly failed to deliver its Google Apps software to more than a third of Los Angeles city employees owing to security concerns.

Dennis Zine, a member in the Los Angeles City Council, filed a motion on Wednesday requesting for a status report on the search giant's contract with the city. Mr. Zine has stated in the motion that Google, along with its partner Computer Sciences Corp., have been, so far, unable to meet the security requirements of the Los Angeles Police Department.

This, according to many industry observers, highlights the difficulties faced by the search giants while it attempts to generate revenues from areas outside its core business. Mr. Zine has filed the motion barely a couple of months after Randi Levin, the Los Angeles Information Technology Agency's General Manager had raised the security aspect of the deal in a letter to Michael Schneider - the Computer Sciences Corp. manager.

"It's taken longer than expected to move LAPD to Google Apps because their law-enforcement responsibilities entail unique requirements," a Google spokesman responded, according to this report by the Wall Street Journal. "We're working closely with the city to meet their evolving requirements in a timely manner," he added.