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Sony Playstation Store to Sell Game Dowloads for Android Powered Tablets

Sony is increasing its presence in the mobile marketplace by introducing a unique version of the company’s digital download platform, known as the PlayStation Store, to Android powered tablets. Customers can now buy classic PlayStation One games from the store.These games have been ported to the touch-screen platform.

This new service is similar to another programme launched by Sony earlier this year. That programme allowed some Android smartphone users to download games with “PlayStation-certificate."

As the gaming industry shifts from traditional consoles to the newer mobile platform environment, Sony is trying to keep up by shifting its paradigm. Thus, Sony is also going away from its traditional approach and heading into newer territories.

The company also introduced Music Unlimited service for Android tablets. However, Sony’s initial focus was targeted at computers and the PS3. On the official blog for PlayStation, the company posted that, “The official PlayStation Store for PlayStation Certified devices launches today in nine countries, including the US and Canada. It is available immediately on Sony Corporation’s “Sony Tablet S.”