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UK Parliamentary Committee Recommends Anonymous Posts’ Crackdown

A UK parliamentary committee has recommended that social media forums should take appropriate measures in order to ensure that anonymous posts carrying defamatory remarks are immediately taken out.

A report was published on Wednesday by the Joint Committee on the Draft Defamation Bill which addressed various aspects regarding how the country's strict libel laws could be improved in order to take freedom of speech to the next level.

One section in the report was particularly dedicated to online defamation. The report also shed light into the fact how the UK libel law was not being adjusted in order to address the requirements of today's internet based services such as social networks.

"We acknowledge the challenges that any national legislature faces when acting alone in relation to a global issue, but do not regard these as an excuse for inaction," the committee of lords and MPs said in the report, according to a ZDNet report.

According to a report by the The Guardian, the overall number of all defamation cases involving social media sites registered in the year, doubled in the month of June - from 7 till May, to 16 at the end of June.