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Verizon workers, unions join Occupy Wall Street

The union Communications Workers of America and workers at Verizon Communications and Verizon Wireless said they will join the "Occupy Wall Street" protest today over "Verizon's corporate greed."

"Occupy Wall Street has focused the world's attention on the destructive power of corporate greed. Together, we are demanding that the American economy start to work for the 99 percent again, not just the top 1 percent," organisers said in a statement.

Some 1000 Verzion workers will join a march through New York's financial district with some aiming to spend the night in the protestors' makeshift camp in Liberty Park.

The 'occupy' protest have been gaining force around the globe - with activists startled into action by the realisation that there is some resistance in the US to the rapacious corporate culture the 'superpower' exports by force of arms.

Protests in the City of London inevitably ran into robust police tactics but what is left of the unions here has been slow to cotton on too the anger felt by working people saddled with bankers' debts.

The union dispute with Verizon has grumbled on over cost-cutting with 45,000 workers walking out in August in protest over contractual negotiations that are ongoing.

"Unfortunately, the unions have joined together with The Occupy group as part of their misdirected outreach," Verizon spokesman Rich Young said. "We hope the Occupy stays clear of the union's labor campaign that is only trying to spread misinformation and misleading facts." monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.