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Apple may Sell Almost 50 Million iPhone 4S in Holiday Quarter

After Apple published its earnings report for Q3 2011 earlier this week, many are wondering what will happen in the holiday quarter. Even though Apple's earnings for the 3Q were below many analyst estimates, many will have postponed their iPhone purchases in the weeks preceding the iPhone 4S launch, which should produce positive effects in the holiday season.

SeekingAlpha (opens in new tab), a website specialised in actionable stock market analysis, published a comprehensive report yesterday regarding predictions for iPhone sales in the following months. The most conservative prediction points to 30 million iPhone 4S sold this season, most of them guaranteed by iPhone 3GS owners who are now at the end of their contracts with carriers and are ready for an upgrade.

The analysts assume that 50% of 3GS users had preferred not to settle for an iPhone 4 and were waiting for the fifth-generation iPhone. At least 17% of the iPhone 4 users will be seduced by the 4S' stronger processor, better camera with HD video and Siri Assistant voice control feature wich is exclusive to the new smartphone.

However, according to more realistic predictions, about 40% of iPhone 4 owners will want to adopt the new features, which points to more than 49.1 million units sold by the end of this year.

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