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Asus Zenbook Ultrabook Gets Ripped Out

The Asus Zenbook UX21 ultrabook has been torn down by Anandtech and there were quite a few surprises, when compared to the 11-inch Macbook Air which inspired the whole Ultrabook revolution.

Anandtech found that the cooler on the UX21 covers both the chipset and the CPU rather than just the latter, as is the case on the Macbook Air.

Asus used a proprietary form factor for the Wi-Fi card, a 128GB ADATA drive or a 256GB Sandisk U100. The power adapter comes with a Microsoft certificate of ownership on the brick which Microsoft might not approve of, as it would allow users to either lose them or move them around more easily.

The laptop also comes with a USB Ethernet adaptor, a VGA adaptor and two carry sleeves. Anandtech has promised to provide some more details.

Future updates to the article may help shed more details on the motherboard layout, the battery used and the display.

The UX21 was presented in Taipei at Computex back in June 2011 alongside its larger brother the UX31, and they were officially released in the UK earlier this month for £899 and £999 for the 11.6-inch and the 13.3-inch models respectively.

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