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Exclusive: Did Big Blue Invest In Android Disruptor BlueStacks?

An undisclosed large chip company from the x86/ARM ecosystem has invested alongside Citrix and AMD in BlueStacks according to a press release we received from the firm.

The company specialises in producing solutions that allow Android apps to run at almost native speeds on the Windows platform (it introduced an alpha version of its app player for Windows last week) and has received in total $14 million worth of investment in this round.

It is extremely unlikely that Intel would be the unnamed investor given that it doesn't in theory produce any ARM-based products and it has its own competing platform to Android, nicknamed Tizen, which will take over Meego.

That leaves only one potential player in the market: IBM, which has not only produced x86 compatible processors in the past (Cyrix) and sells them in its servers but also has penned a strategic agreement with ARM to start working on 14nm.

AMD, Citrix and IBM backing BlueStacks would introduce a third way against Intel (which has no clear inclinations to back Android after what can be described as a half-hearted attempt to back the mobile platform with its power hungry Atom processors) and ARM which is not compatible with x86 code.

Désiré Athow

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