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LTE iPhone 4S Would have been "Bad Business" for Apple

Since Apple's "Let's talk iPhone" event the whole blogosphere has accepted the invitation and been talking a lot about the newest iPhone.

Between enthusiasm for the virtual assistant capable of responding to voice commands, and disappointment related to the unchanged design and the exclusion of new technologies like NFC and LTE there are many nuances.

Regarding the missing support for 4G/LTE from iPhone 4S Jonny Evans, from ComputerWorld (opens in new tab), among many others, points out that LTE technology is not ready at this time to be integrated in Apple's devices.

Quoting a Vanilla Plus report, Evans writes: "Europe is fragmented because of licensing. The UK for example won't even be making LTE licenses available until next year. Almost without exception, operators will adopt LTE but we're not there yet. It's mostly confined to dongles at the moment. LTE is in deployment in the US, notably with Sprint but the others are [still] rolling it out."

With barely 16 million worldwide subscribers to fourth generation networks predicted by the end of this year, an iPhone 4S with LTE integration would not have been worth the compromises, the analyst observes. The battery life would have been reduced and the handset would have been more expensive - all for a feature that the majority of customers wouldn't be able to use.

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