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Will Apple Fall Behind Without 4G LTE iPhone?

According to Tommy Ljunggren, senior vice president for the Swedish carrier TeliaSonera, the answer would be a definitive "yes".

Even if, at present, the market is not perceived as ready for wide adoption of LTE, with carriers' networks unprepared, next year situation will be different, Ljunggren thinks (opens in new tab), "it will be a bad mistake not to include LTE in the iPhone 5 as otherwise (Apple) will really be run over by the others."

He noted how Android devices in particular had been picking up pace to reach the level of their rival, adding that "there is disappointment over the 4S".

However, TeliaSonera does not include LTE smartphones in its offering to subscribers; Ljunggren explained that a dual antenna smartphone would need to be recharged more often so the carrier wants devices with a single radio.

The TeliaSonera executive agreed that that LTE smartphone market is not nearly as mature as it should be and in the following years a wider range of devices with this capability will be available. Meanwhile, the carriers are testing and expanding their 4G networks.

According to a report in August, Apple has been testing iPhone prototypes on LTE/4G networks of various carriers. So, it's most likely that the iPhone 5 will come with LTE support.

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